EOSBet Casino has had the must successful dapp launch in the history of the blockchain. As of 23 days, we have had 24.5 MILLION EOS wagered, higher transaction volume than every ETH and EOS dapp COMBINED, and thousands of unique players enjoying our platform.

EOS Knights

Collect materials, Craft items, Adopt pets, Trade in the market.


This project is a mini-game experiment for EOS Blockchain, still in progress. It’s open sourced and all of us can tweak the contract, architecture and design of tables to see what works the best in terms of performance and good practices for EOS


First EOS based blockchain game about Wizards!


DEOS Games

DEOS Games is a group of game enthusiasts that are eager to create truly fair, fast and decentralized games.


King Of EOS

King of EOS is a smart contract living on the EOS blockchain. Become a king, make a profit or immortalize your kingdom forever on the blockchain.


Space Invaders

How about controlling a spaceship? Space invaders on blockchain!


EOS Bingo

Bingo on EOS!


EOS Lottery

EOS Grand Lottery

Trump Scam